ParisartReclaim the Earth. Palais de Tokyo

Reclaim the Earth. Palais de Tokyo

Reclaim the Earth is a wake-up call, as much as a rallying cry. The origins of this collective exhibition can be found in an observation by its scientific advisor, Ariel Salleh: 

Bringing ecology, feminism, socialism and Indigenous politics together means giving up the Eurocentric lens for a genuinely global one.

In its determination to think the world beyond the Nature-Culture divide, the exhibition follows the trajectories of artists with a different approach to elements – earth, air, fire, water, plants and minerals, irreducible to their mere materiality. 

They are both medium and tool – cultural, historic and political vectors being revitalised in a context of ecological emergency.

until September 4, 2022

Andrew Curtis

Yhonnie Scarce. Cloud Chamber 2020

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