ParisartPrehistoric Times. A Modern Enigma at Centre Pompidou

Prehistoric Times. A Modern Enigma at Centre Pompidou

Jake & Dinos Chapman and Wim Wenders are participating in Prehistoric Times. A Modern Enigma, a group exhibition at the Centre Pompidou exploring modern and contemporary artistic ideas of Earth before human civilisation. Beginning with the paintings of Redon and Cézanne and concluding with works by contemporary artists, the exhibitiontraces the shifting social and individual perceptions of ‘prehistory’ across time.

The concept of ‘prehistory’ emerged in the Modern era; the word itself came into usage in the 1860s. Overtime, the idea has grown into a vast body of images, hypotheses and speculations that exacted an immense impact on 20th-century cultural development.

The exhibition features Wenders’ Dinosaur and Family (1983), an early photograph from his time filming Paris, Texas (1984) in California. Also on display is Jake & Dinos Chapman’s installation, Hell Sixty Five Million Years BC (2004/5).

Louise Bourgeois, Cumul I ([1968])

May 8 - September 16, 2019

centre pompidou

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