ParisParis Gallery Weekend

Paris Gallery Weekend

Paris Gallery Weekend 2023, it’s 101 galleries in four Parisian neighborhoods, Pantin and Romainville, all motivated to deploy a common energy and to make Paris shine as an essential capital of art.

May 26-28, 2023

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Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou

Juliette Minchin (1992, France) presents a set of recent works emblematic of her sculpture and drawing work, but also of her recent research on form: wax drapes, porcelain, raku, crowns and “hydromancies”.

Galerie Droste

André Wendland, a young German artist, finds his inspiration in everyday life, seeing opportunities everywhere to feed his creation. His aesthetic, influenced by cartoons and popular culture, and his bold, vivid colors give his characters a very special and recognizable aura. The exhibition MUSCLE MANIACS – no paint no gain is thus articulated around the aesthetic, formal and colorful study of sports figures: irony meets a true attention to tasty details.

Galerie Wagner

Pancho Quilici, born in Venezuela, artistic vision is based on architecture and nature, screen printing and painting, drawing and design, sculptures and installations. The places he draws as if he inhabits them are invaded by pure geometric shapes. His line, alternately powerful or wavering, takes us to unreal lands that can be described as “extra-terrestrial”.

193 Gallery

Esterio Segura, one of Cuba’s most renowned contemporary artists, evokes through his works the complex economic and social situation of Cuba, linked to the physical and psychological borders dictated by the geographical and historical isolation of the island.

Migration and travel are at the heart of Cuban artist Esterio Segura’s work and the exhibition El Peso de las alas, brings together pieces from some of the artist’s most emblematic series, linked to the topic of travel.


Will Cotton, New York painter, reflects on pop culture and American myths. His 2020 series The Taming of the Cowboy, about the hyper-sexualisation of childhood and gender representations, featured ultra-masculine cowboys battling with pink unicorns.

Will Cotton now introduces the cowgirl, an archetypal feminist figure, as voluptuous as she is provocative. With humour, she takes the opposite direction to the artist’s usual female characters, pushing the gender boundaries further and blurring the relationship between the sexes as well as LGBT struggles and the notion of queerness.

Galerie Papillon

To leave for the sea, to swim, repeat the action daily, to feel the weightlessness, to open the eyes under water… to embraced the immensity of the sea around Marseille. Young artist (27 yo) – Charles Le Hyaric gives us sensations of forgetting, possibility to be absorbed in a deep silence.

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