ParisParis Gallery Weekend

Paris Gallery Weekend

Paris Gallery Weekend is the modern and contemporary art through gallery walks.

Galerie Droste. André Wendland

André Wendland, a young German artist finds his inspiration in everyday life, seeing opportunities everywhere to feed his creation. His aesthetic, influenced by cartoons and popular culture, and his bold, vivid colors give his characters a very special and recognizable aura. The exhibition MUSCLE MANIACS – no paint no gain is thus articulated around the aesthetic, formal and colorful study of sports figures: irony meets a true attention to tasty details.

Galerie Olivier Waltman. Jérôme Borel

Still life elements, objects, characters, movements, landscapes, figures, masks, portraits, and more. Such a non-exhaustive list portrays the vitality of the production of the artist, who never ceases to repeat what he paints or as he says: “the abstract paintings with figurative patterns, as the ones in seen my exhibitions, are possible answers to the questions posed by existence”.

Galerie Zidoun-Bossuyt. Louis Granet

Louis Granet’s artistic practice gravitates around the relationship between comics and painting. The artist employs techniques learned at the School of Comics of Angoulême and applies them on several supports. Signs, lines and shapes are the starting point of his artistic approach, whereas the reappropriation of implicit images tends to disorient the public: the spectator is simultaneously confronted with abstract forms and figurative images.

ft/ Kate Zaniewska and Franciszek Kizinski

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