FashionNodaleto one of the most noticed brands of Paris FW19 fashion week

Nodaleto one of the most noticed brands of Paris FW19 fashion week

Boots, mules, “babies”, made to live and laugh, both fatal and mischievous. Nodaleto tells the story of an hymn of freedom, a dream embodied by the homage of a creator to her familial patrimony. A gentle exuberance inspired by the iconography and architecture of the 70s; a hybrid identity between confident sex appeal and rigorous minimalism.

The design studio based between Paris and Los Angeles is led by Julia Toledano (A.K.A. “Nodaleto”). She imagines a bold luxury, a shoe closet for “Nodalegirls”. With both everyday shoes and show-stopping heels. Made in Venice, In the purest Italian tradition, Nodaleto emphasises the nobility of materials and their quality. The leathers are varnished, aged, and the architectural lines voluntarily anchored.

Olivier Leone perfectly matches Julia’s universe, reflecting on and shaping the visual identity of Nodaleto, surfing trough architecture, design and pop-culture, with his motto “the lightness of being”.

Fuelled by their love for multi-artistic mediums, Nodaleto emerges as a creative label that goes beyond shoes.

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