Fashionmade from upcycled cotton from luxury hotel linen

made from upcycled cotton from luxury hotel linen

What is the lifecycle of luxury hotel linen?

That’s the question we asked ourselves, after a night in the sheets in one of the most luxurious hotels in London. To maintain the high standards, textiles in luxury hotels are frequently checked. When the slightest signs of wear and tear appear, the sheets have to be discarded. As a result, about 10 million kilos of European luxury hotel linen ends up yearly in landfill.

After sampling linen from different hotels we found Egyptian cotton bed linen to make the most comfortable and high-quality shirts. We started out with 200 kilos of Egyptian cotton from the said London based hotel and are now onboarding many more hotels in Europe to make their waste management circular. The partner hotels gather their textiles and ship them to the Archivist studio. After a quality check and a professional cleaning, the textiles are being cut and sewn to beautiful staple pieces. With more and more hotels joining, new styles are being developed and produced.

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