DesignLRNCE local craft from Marrakesh

LRNCE local craft from Marrakesh

Based in Marrakesh and surrounded by palms trees and oversized djellabas, LRNCE is inspired by the cults and rituals of African tribes.

Combining the knowledge and patience of Moroccan artisans, with the aesthetics and vision of a Belgian adventurer, LRNCE aims to offer contemporary products, while encouraging local craftsmanship.


LRNCE is a Marrakesh based lifestyle brand focusing on interior decoration and accessories. It was founded in 2013 by Belgian sun chaser Laurence Leenaert, who revises materials’ purpose and spontaneously combines elements to create uniquely designed pieces.

By sourcing its production in North Africa, LRNCE captures the essence of craftsmanship and stays close to the creating process of its carefully handmade products.

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