DesignSeason Paper. Patterns, colours and materials lovers

Season Paper. Patterns, colours and materials lovers

Season Paper collection was created in April 2012 by two textile designers, Julie Costaz and Mélissa Le Vaguerèse in a small studio in Montreuil. Patterns, colours and materials lovers, we imagine, design, manufacture and distribute a line of stationery goods. We create 2 collections per year based on the inspiration of the moment. 

The products are imagined in Montreuil and manufactured in Paris and in the centre of France. The great care is taken in selecting beautiful materials. All the papers are from sustainable forests in Europe and use vegetable inks to print most of the products.

More, all the designs are hand-drawn by pencil, felt pen or painted in a feminine, soft and timeless spirit. They are then reworked on computers and printed with love.

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