BerlinartLibby Heaney. 360-degree immersive installation

Libby Heaney. 360-degree immersive installation

Commissioned by LAS Ent-, is a major exhibition by artist and physicist Libby Heaney (b. 1983) at The Schering Stiftung in Berlin, who has been experimenting with quantum computing for a number of years.

For Ent- Libby Heaney has experimented with self-written quantum code to manipulate and animate her own paintings, merging them with the quantum native images to create hybrid organisms, breathing landscapes and exploding structures. They all come together in an immersive artwork centered around a 360° experience that will unfold to the viewer inside a ‘black box’.

Libby Heaney is the only artist in the world using quantum computing as a functioning artistic medium and Ent- will be a 360-degree immersive installation taking quantum computing as both medium and subject matter. No fully fledged quantum computer is yet in existence but the technology has the potential to achieve results and speeds impossible with current computing. Ent- will explore the transformative changes quantum computing is expected to wreak on the future of everyday life.

Andrea Rosetti

until May 1, 2022

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