le bristol paris

Le Bristol Paris and Bertrand Lavier modern art inspired by the Disney story about Mickey and Minnie’s adventures

Le Bristol Paris invites guests for a surreal night sleep in their Paris Suite, heisted by radical pop artist Bertand Lavier and transformed into a ‘live-in’ exhibit. Inspired by the Disney story about Mickey and Minnie’s adventures in a modern art museum, the living room of this lavishly elegant suite has become a ‘thought bubble’ from Lavier’s mind, with cartoon characters jumping off the page into sculptures set in a technicolour space.

The suite’s salon is transformed just like the museum in the Disney comics: the floor is swathed in a zingy purple carpet and minimalist modern furniture stands in relief against vivid yellow and green walls.

Brilliant sculptures and canvases in pop colours are inspired by the Walt Disney comic strip. The suite invites guests to live in a work of art, a total immersion in the imaginary world of a pioneering radical artist.

This surprising journey in fiction stops only when you return to the reality of the Paris Suite’s other rooms, which retain their Louis XVI luxurious elegance, a rather surreal contrast.

The work, an extension of Bertrand Lavier’s Walt Disney Productions series, continues in Le Bristol Paris gardens where three-meter-high brilliantly bright sculptures confront guests amidst the nurtured elegance.

Lavier’s work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions around the world from the Pompidou Centre to Louis Vuitton Tokyo.

Le Bristol Paris