Parisskate cube at Bon Marche

skate cube at Bon Marche

My friend and creator of the brand Adaptation Ali Fatourechi approached me to curate a party and design a pop up store for him at Maxfield, that included a skateable component. His inspiration for the line that season was Venice, Santa Monica of the 70’s and 80’s surf and skate culture. Since I grew up surfing and skateboarding in that era and around those areas with the legends he was referencing, it was a perfect fit, and quickly became more of a passion project for me. For the Maxfield event I wanted to do something unique, not your normal ramp or skate features, something more sculptural, something that was a piece of art that happened to be skateable.

My inspiration for the Adaptation cube was the photos I saw as a kid in the 70’s skateboard magazines of these massive cement full pipes in the desert. My original idea was to find one of these pipes and set it on top of a pedestal, but after some research that was not a viable possibility. That’s when I came up with the idea of building one, and instead of building a full pipe sitting on a pedestal, make a cube with the full pipe inside it. I love the simplicity and form of a circle and a square.

What I enjoyed most with collaborating with Le Bon Marche is their commitment to the arts, their attention to details, and making whatever they do be as authentic as possible.

I think Paris as a city has so much more history and is a sexier and more romantic city. I also think just watching Parisians walk down the street they have way better natural style, that spans all the generations. Especially the women.

Scott Oster

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