ParisFestival Circulations of young European photography

Festival Circulations of young European photography

Festival Circulations offers the panorama of young European photography. 27 artists of fourteen different nationalities, photographic talents of tomorrow.

For two months,104-PARIS hosts the photo exhibition giving 2000 m2 of the space to the best works.

François Kizinski

Multitude of styles, ranging from documentary photography to archival images through staging and fiction. Circulation(s), a festival of young European photography, aims to be both demanding and popular in order to offer a focus on its time.

artists/ Michal Adamski (Pologne), Noah Ambiehl & Mathis Benestebe (France), Cynthia Mai Ammann (Suisse), Laetitia Bica (Belgique), Simon Bouillère (France), Aliki Christoforou (Belgique – Grèce ), Marcello Coslovi (Italie), Katel Delia (France), Isacco Emiliani (Italie), Jojo Gronostay (Allemagne), Natalie Malisse (Belgique), Ann Massal (France), Mitchell Moreno (Angleterre), Peter Pflügler (Autriche), Ivan Punal Garcia (Espagne), Pascual Ross (Espagne), Anna Szkoda (Allemagne), Matjaž Tančič (Slovène), Penelope Thomaidi (Grèce), Jenni Toivonen (Finlande), Viktoriia Tymonova (Ukraine), Kinga Wrona (Pologne)

until May 21, 2023

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