ParisartNobuyoshi Araki. Shi Nikki. Bourse de Commerce

Nobuyoshi Araki. Shi Nikki. Bourse de Commerce

Nobuyoshi Araki’s work is known for its direct relationship with reality, which he experiences, lives, and transforms into fiction, so to speak. This approach is very different from that of a reporter, whose supposedly “objective” eye merely observes and records. Nobuyoshi  Araki is not far removed from the generation of Joan Didion, Tom Wolfe, or Norman Mailer, who were active in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, and who moved very easily from subjective and personal reportage to fiction and forged what has become known as New Journalism. Araki perhaps goes further by taking his own individuality as his subject. Thus, this photographic mosaic points to the artist’s complex thinking, to the very core of his feelings, impulses, and reflections. Each image, whatever its subject, from the most banal to the most torrid, finds its place in the narrative of his experience of time.

The series Shi Nikki (Private Diary) for Robert Frank (1993) by the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki is presented in Gallery 3 of the Bourse de Commerce Paris

It is a collection of 101 photographs dedicated to the iconic author of The Americans, published by Robert Delpire in 1958. 

until March 14, 2022

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