BerlinartEvgen Čopi Goriše. Duve Berlin

Evgen Čopi Goriše. Duve Berlin

Evgen Čopi Gorišek (b. 1994, Koper, Slovenia) is a Berlin-based artist, an emerging painter of contemporary faux naïf. His paintings deal with figurative forms of expression rendered in the attributes of graffiti and arranged in a child-like pattern.

The color-intensive compositions create a close association with ordinary topics and mass culture. Characters that are smeared with blurred facial features are his most frequent and recognizable representations. The viewer can barely identify their masculine or feminine features or it seems rather pointless to examine the matter of their agender identities.

evgen copi gorise

These genderless depictions – as well as other more random ones like a Ferrari diver, a tiger, a basketball player, pussy cats, or bodybuilders – synthesize a compilation of his typical motifs.

As he highlights himself, his inspiration comes from “random things that he watches on his phone or just random absurd situation that he gets into while he’s walking around the city. Many times everyday city life situations combined with current feelings”.

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duve berlin

until April 9, 2021

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