ParisartÉTÉ INDIEN at Kamel Mennour Paris

ÉTÉ INDIEN at Kamel Mennour Paris

With the galerie Kamel Mennour Paris celebrating its 20th anniversary this autumn, you can experience thirteen young artists for the exhibition “Été indien”. There’s no theme; instead, the exhibition is intended to reflect some of the inquiries and concerns animating the emerging contemporary arts scene. From the figurative to the abstract, from the politically engaged to the iconoclastic, the works on show deal with a wide range of subjects: the anthropocene, founding myths, spirituality, language, nature, science, vernaculars, as well as the pressing concerns of our societies…

September 5 - October 5, 2019

kamel mennour

47 rue Saint‑André-des-Arts, Paris 6; 28 avenue Matignon, Paris 8

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