Emilia Kina. Le soir qui tombe. Raster Gallery Warsaw

‘Le soir qui tombe’ is the title of a pain­ting by the Bel­gian sur­realist René Magritte, and a source of inspiration for Emilia Kina’s multi-​staged pain­ting story. 

Emilia Kina’s pain­tings are arranged in the gal­lery space in a staging whose theme is the cyc­licality of nature and its inherent dramaturgy, the human inc­lination to read the world – and art – as a roman­tic spec­tacle. This scenic con­cept promises sub­lime pleasure and the anxiety associated with the elusiveness  and fragility of the anticipated moment, the ideal instant, this one image. 

emilia kina

The pain­tings are linked in sequen­ces. The light seems to shift from canvas to canvas, sug­gesting a space/time relation­ship. This is yet another level of illusion the artist introduces into her pain­ting that goes beyond the flexible shaping of the canvases. Pleated cur­tains and draperies, a leading theme in Kina’s work, retain lights and shadows. Con­tem­plating the visible world while toying with temp­tation and desire seems to be their primary func­tion. Ultimately, however, they uphold the mystery that awaits us  on the other side.

Kate Zaniewska

until November 10, 2022

Raster Gallery

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