ParisartDamien Hirst. Cherry Blossoms | until January 2, 2022

Damien Hirst. Cherry Blossoms | until January 2, 2022

The Cherry Blossoms series reinterprets, with playful irony, the traditional subject of landscape painting. Damien Hirst combines thick brushstrokes and elements of gestural painting, referencing both Impressionism and Pointillism, as well as Action Painting.
The monumental canvases, which are entirely covered in dense bright colours, envelope the viewer in a vast floral landscape moving between figuration and abstraction.

The Cherry Blossoms are at once a subversion and homage to the great artistic movements of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They are integral to the pictorial exploration long carried out by Damien Hirst.

July 6, 2021 - January 2, 2022

fondation cartier Paris

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