Barcelonaartbrowse through the catalog of Joan Miró art

browse through the catalog of Joan Miró art

Joan Miró is considered as one of the greatest exponents of surrealism art. Painter, sculptor, ceramicist and engraver. His work is distributed throughout the world, but the city of Barcelona exhibits its greatness. Surely you have all passed near Dona i ocell, a 22-meter sculpture in the Joan Miró Park, or the ceramic mural of Terminal 2 of Barcelona Airport that he designed in 1970. Unfortunately, these are two works that cannot be visited at the moment, as well as those kept in the Fundació Joan Miró. However, while the confinement lasts, you can access the foundation’s catalog to discover the works hosted at the foundation.

In this catalog the works are classified into sketches, paintings, drawings, textiles and sculptures and ceramics, a total of more than 8,200 works for you to enjoy while the center is closed to the public. It is also a good opportunity to get to know works by Miró that perhaps have not been seen as much. Furthermore, this archive contains pieces that other artists dedicated to Joan Miró, such as Enric Cristòfol Ricard, Antoni Tàpies and Eduardo Chillida.

The foundation’s digital catalog details the specifications of each work in addition to the exhibitions where they have participated in or the bibliography where they are referenced. A lot of material that will fill your hours with art!

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