BerlinartBerlinViews. Over 25 art galleries in Berlin

BerlinViews. Over 25 art galleries in Berlin

Berlin galleries have joined forces to create BerlinViews, a website present­ing over 25 galleries and gallery models. The website is an initia­tive to promote the visi­bil­ity of art in Berlin and strengthen the soli­dar­ity of the gallery scene in response to our current times. BerlinViews func­tions by offer­ing a brief profile of each gallery, with the aim of giving easy access and insight into the diver­sity of the Berlin gallery scene. The partic­i­pat­ing galleries intro­duce them­selves with a short text and present one artist and their work, along with prices. Visi­tors are then able to contact the gallery directly in order to make inquiries. Network­ing and collab­o­rat­ing is an impor­tant compo­nent of this open initia­tive, and so the website is also intended to be an exper­i­men­tal ground for explor­ing the poten­tial of digi­tal formats and content.

The initia­tive was started by Galerie Tanja Wagner and OFFICE IMPART.

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