ParisartAugmented Sculpture Pablo Valbuena. 104 Paris

Augmented Sculpture Pablo Valbuena. 104 Paris

Ephemeral and immersive sculptures, Pablo Valbuena’s works are generally conceived according to the spaces that welcome them, whether they be public spaces or museum rooms. For each artwork, be it monumental or not, the artist fashions sound, light and movement, ephemeral and intangible materials. Using simple elements – lines, dots, notes, geometrical shapes – and technical tools of great precision, he plays with the intensities, the scales and the motifs to create artworks that are as spectacular as they are minimalistic. Inserted in a familiar architecture, they underline it whilst also going further. Based on a study of space, time and perception, Pablo Valbuena creates a double score, audio and visual, that restructures a venue by fashioning our sense of space and time. In his sculptures and installations, the virtual is not opposed to the real. On the contrary, their overlapping suggests a parallel architecture to the visitor, an augmented space in perpetual transformation where the boundaries between reality and what is perceived disappear. Totally immersed, the spectator is led into a fictional space in which he/she may create his/her own story.

At the CENTQUATRE Paris Pablo Valbuena will create a monumental installation for the Aubervilliers Hall and will show several existing artworks, some of which unknown.

Pablo Valbuena

Born in 1978 in Spain and based in the South of France, Pablo Valbuena graduated in 2003 from the ETSAM (Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid). Space, time and perception are at the heart of his research and his artworks, which are generally conceived to echo the architecture of the space exhibiting them. His work has been presented throughout the work in various museums and art centres (Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria in 2007; Vooruit in Gent, Belgium in 2009; Museum of Seoul, South Korea in 2014, etc.) and in the urban public space. He namely created a monumental artwork, Kinematope [gare d’austerlitz], for the Austerlitz train station in Paris during Nuit Blanche in 2014 and was the guest artist/professor at the Fresnoy Studio of Contemporary Arts, Tourcoing in 2016.

January 19 - March 24, 2019

exhibition opening hours/ Wed-Sun 2pm-7pm, closed on Mon and Tue

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