WarsawartAndrzej Nowacki. Square. Presence zones. Nanazenit

Andrzej Nowacki. Square. Presence zones. Nanazenit

Andrzej Nowacki, Polish Postwar & Contemporary painter.

Andrzej Nowacki was born on 15 October 1953 in Rabka, Poland. He spent his youth in Krakow. His first artistic experience was in interior design and art restoration. In 1977 he left Poland to study Scandinavian languages at the University of Gothengurg and later Art History in Innsbruck, Austria.
During the 1980s Nowacki opened to himself Polish constructivism. Henryk Stazewski’s art had an influence on the early works of Nowacki. Since the 1990s Nowacki had collaborated with Heinz Teufel, a collector who owned one of the most prestigious art galleries for concrete art in Europe located in Cologne and later in Berlin.

• 1994 Andrzej Nowacki received a private scholarship in West Orange, N.Y.
• 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2001 he participated in the workshops “Under the sign of Geometry” that was organized by Polish art critic Bozena Kowalska in Okuninka.
• 2001 he received a scholarship from the New York Pollock-Krasner Foundation.
• 2005 was his first exhibition in Osaka, Japan. Later, he spent a year in his studio at Anna Maria Island, Florida, USA, where he created reliefs for the Seth Jason Beitler Gallery in Miami.
• 2015 Andrzej Nowacki moved to a new large-scale studio at the former industrial area in Ostrava Dolni Vitkovice. Here he started to create his multi-part and large-format reliefs.

Currently, Andrzej Nowacki lives and creates in Berlin, Germany.

Nanazenit Warsaw

until January 15, 2022

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