the bourse de commerce

The Bourse de Commerce. A new place for contemporary art in Paris. Opening Sep 2020

The Bourse de Commerce will be this unexpected and surprising museum of contemporary art, showing art as it is made and thus reflecting the current state of our world.

Jean-Jacques Aillagon

The Bourse de Commerce is a new site in Paris where works from the Collection Pinault are displayed. Dedicated to contemporary art seen through the prism of the collection, it presents thematic displays and monographic exhibitions, as well as new productions, commissioned works, carte blanche events and in situ projects. Open to everyone and every artistic discipline, the Bourse de Commerce offers educational programmes, conferences and meetings, screenings, concerts and performances… Comfort, hospitality and accessibility are all central concerns in a space that maintains a serene dialogue with heritage, a modest relationship to the works, and a welcoming and non-authoritarian relationship with its visitors.

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