BarcelonaartMax Enrich sculptured lamps at Gaudi Casa Barcelona

Max Enrich sculptured lamps at Gaudi Casa Barcelona

Totems at Casa Batllò Barcelona is a collection of floor lamps made from an ordinary material: upholstery foam. Its simple forms contrast with the noble materials, the attention to detail and the organic forms of Casa Batllò.

These lamps do not intend to blend into the space, but quite the opposite. They seek non-integration to generate tension with the house. Their artificiality pretends to make such a complex environment uncomfortable.

Max Enrich‘s work seeks to provoke the user by breaking down the barriers between function and form. Max believes in the infinite potential of the common materials, exploring new creative processes and rising attention to the ordinary through a playful approach, where color is key.

Claudia García-Mauriño

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