musicL.U.C. tribute to DJ Premier

L.U.C. tribute to DJ Premier

Humanity is one orchestra sensitive to the same sounds, emotions and diseases. In this difficult isolation time we play for sense of community, love, hope and dialogue between cultures and musical styles. It’s also a surprise birthday present for the legendary hip-hop producer – DJ Premier. Primo is an excellent DJ who brought us up with his music, but also an extraordinary man who always remembers about other people commemorating important albums and birthdays of other artists. Karma returns, and so 100 musicians from the USA and Europe (LA, New York, Austin, New Britain, New Orleans, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Sopot) played as Rebel Babel Ensemble parts of his cult productions arranged for jazz Big Band by our orchestra. Scratches served by the world champion IDA DJ Eprom.

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