BerlinLeo Park. Eat dream scream. Duve Berlin

Leo Park. Eat dream scream. Duve Berlin

Leo Park‘s at Duve Berlin works are difficult to classify. Representational features range from antiquity to the late 20th century. 

Many body shapes, for example, are reminiscent of the so-called Reclining Figures by the sculptor Henry Moore. Stone and bronze are transformed into delicate pink hulls. Abstraction and figuration go hand in hand.

leo park

Light pencil drawings represent constantly recurring tattoos. They are a mixture of figures and glyphs; their symbolism is ambiguous – their impulsive use, a way of spying on oneself. They describe signs, insects, fragments of diagrams or maps, rivers and trade routes. They move in a non-hierarchical space – without beginning or end.

Joachim Schulz

until June 30, 2022

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