Pariscreative badges directly from Paris

creative badges directly from Paris

Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy – Macon and Lesquoy – the French brand bearing both their names offers embroidered accessories, creative badges. Keen on elegance and details, the two designers love outstanding skills and know how to find the best craftspersons from here or elsewhere. Over the years, their collections have been tinted by the trips they have made together. From Russia to Japan, from Rwanda to Detroit and Pondichery, the colours and encounters give birth to beautiful ideas. Engaged, funny, sometimes whimsical and always poetic, the look Marie and Anne-Laure take at our world cunningly blends softness and cheek.

Inspiration is everywhere: near and far, emanating from serendipitous encounters with fire ants, in masseuses, fantastic trains, and crazy personalities.

From the idea to the prototype, the creative path of M&L follows meticulous steps. At the outset: the drawings arise from Marie’s careful sketching, who leaves nothing to chance. What happens next: the expert artistry of Anne-Laure, who launches the conceptualisation of the item.

Always attentive to highlight specific savoir-faire, Marie and Anne-Laure brought the bullion thread embroidery borrowed from the military badges up-to-date. It is in Pakistan, with remarkable craftspeople, that M&L chose to use this very ancient technique that appeared in Europe and Asia in the 17th century. Travellers in search of the best, the French brand’s designers also call upon a mechanic embroidery workshop in Portugal, and a Rwandese workshop for the needle-painting technique.

37 rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris

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