ParisAnish Kapoor to Guido Reni at Galerie Canesso

Anish Kapoor to Guido Reni at Galerie Canesso

Galerie Canesso in Paris, in collaboration with Galleria Continua, showcases art by Anish Kapoor – one of the most significant artists of the generation – in confrontation with the 15th-, 16th- and 17th-century art.

Anish Kapoor’s art explores the very idea of the sublime in itsdynamic and sensorial relationship with the viewer. Colour, light and perspective, whoserules were defined by Renaissance artists, all constitute elements that are essential to the poetry of his work. At the very heart of the dialog between the art works presented here is the colour red, the true cohesive thread of thisexhibition.

In Anish Kapoor’s art, red expresses the exploration of the body’s interiority, showing what is usually hidden underneath the skin (as epitomized by the title of one of his paintings, Skin) and what dwells within us. This ensemble of works explores the beauty and the expressive power of this colour through the centuries.

ft/ courtesy Galerie Canesso

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