FashionAnia Kuczyńska starts online adventure

Ania Kuczyńska starts online adventure

Women love Ania Kuczyńska’s designs for their timeless, elegant and modern character. Ania doesn’t create collections popular only in one season. She believes that a piece of clothing should stay in our wardrobe much longer; hence her practical approach is reflected in great care for details and a quality of textiles used. It’s quite easy to recognize Ania’s works on the streets of Warsaw. Just look for women wearing black, feminine and a bit nonchalant clothing. Apart from dominant black, Ania reaches for other colours, especially when she associates them with particular travel experience. Ania Kuczyńska’s talent has been appreciated not only by Polish but also the international fashion industry – Designer of the Year, Elle Style Awards, Must Have… these are just a few prizes Ania has been awarded so far. We keep our fingers crossed for more!

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