Warsawdon't missThe Salt Graduation Tower. Konstancin Jeziorna Poland

It’s common knowledge that taking full advantage of everything nature has put at our disposal is a blessing for us. As we are a part of it, nature helps us grow, develop, bloom and stay healthy thanks to its healing powers. A perfect example of human –nature coexistence is the salt graduation tower built in 1965 in the heart of the health resort district in Konstancin-Jeziorna. It’s a wooden structure covered with blackthorn through which saline emitted from the central spring is sieved. As a result, droplets of the saline are sprayed around creating a kind of aerosol cloud. What a magical and refreshing feeling! The graduation tower is surrounded by a vast Health Resort Park where you can enjoy strolling and breathing crystal clear air rich in minerals. While walking along the paths, think about the history of the place. After all, you’re in the second oldest graduation tower in Poland.

Kate Zaniewska

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