BerlinTEDx Berlin Superpowers

TEDx Berlin Superpowers

The design is about making a change and planting inspirational vibes among the audience. Encouraging everyone to take initiative is what Spock and TED have in common and what we can all build on.

Jennifer, the designer of this piece

At some point in your life, you have run around the house in a cape or costume pretending that you had superpowers. There’s an irresistible attraction about superheroes that captures the imagination of young and old. But we don’t have to look far to see and observe superheroes with superpowers.

It is in each and every one of us. With these powers, we all can make an impact and create change. How can we discover these Superpowers and how can we learn from those who have brought theirs out into the light, and have used them to create something special – in their own day-to-day life, in their neighborhood or for the greater good?

How can we “join forces” to tackle and overcome today’s challenges, and those of the future? Listen to extraordinary stories of how the speakers came across their Superpowers and how the Superpowers of one and all can lead us into the future.


June 16, 2019

TEDx Berlin, AdmiralspalastFriedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin

TEDx Berlin

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