sunshine and the beach on cloudy days

The imprm founders met in college, and then for several years each of them improved their skills while working in the industry, including for Zimmermann. They collaborated in one of the leading Polish brands in which Sonia designed clothes, and Sue designed fabrics. They knew that they complement each other perfectly, and in addition they have a similar taste, that’s why they decided to create a company in line with their values ​​- care for ecology, ethical attitude to the world and the need for beauty. The basis for all their project activities is uncompromising care for the environment.

By happy waters washed all night, by sunbeams kissed all day

The brand offers clothes made by following the idea of sustainable fashion dedicated to travelers who, regardless of the season, pack their backpacks, suitcases and set off to tropical destinations. Imprm design models perfect for holidays, without attachment to seasons, hoping that they will serve many carefree trips over the years.

By focusing on the transparency of the design process, the brand shows the human side of each of its products. Linen, casual dresses, hand-stamped gilded buttons, t-shirts made of organic cotton printed with screen printing technique is a combination of craft tradition with a passion for form and color. The whole collection is comfortable, feminine and perfect for holidays and days spent in the sun. Imprm’s collections are filled with lightweight, easy-to-style pieces that you’ll wear on repeat all summer long.

Paryska 17, 03-945 Warsaw

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