DesignStefano Poletti a touch of poetic delicacy in jewellery

Stefano Poletti a touch of poetic delicacy in jewellery

stefano poletti

Stefano Poletti gifted with a lot of imagination and a lavish creativity, works in a great variety of styles with materials as different as burnt wood, metal strings, Plexiglass®, Venetian mirror, semi-precious stones and Murano glass beads.

At the core of his work is his passion for materials. He likes to change styles and loves challenges. His creations, although varied and sometimes peculiar, always have a touch of poetic delicacy.

In his contemplative journey inspired by the wonders of Nature, Stefano Poletti creates Récif, a collection dedicated to the riches of the sea: natural sponge soaked in the deep blue of the oceans, golden corals ornaments of the Tritons, Récif collects the treasures of the abyss.

Stefano Poletti jewelry was exhibited  at the Copperhewitt Museum in 1988, at Centre Georges Pompidou in 1991, at Musée Galliera in 2000, at MAC’s in Belgium in 2006 and in 2011 at the Grand Trianon in Versailles. Since 2002 his collier “Cosmophonie” made of gold and rock crystal has been part of the collection of the Barbier Mueller Museum in Geneva.

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