BarcelonaartSignificats a love letter to Catalan

Significats a love letter to Catalan

Significats is a tribute to the most beautiful words of the Catalan language. Through a communication project that encompasses both a visual and interactive experience is showed the beauty of Catalan.

From a series of static, dynamic and interactive visual pieces, Significats plays with visual poetry to explore emotions that convey the chosen words, by focusing only on the expression of the word itself, one font family only and with the combination of two colours (black and white). With these parameters set, the project plays only with shapes, composition and interaction to synthesize the meaning of a particular word.

Catalan, the language is often eclipsed in everyday life. With this project people may understand its sonority and musicality in an emotional way that goes beyond the word itself.

Significats is created to build awareness of Catalan and encourage its use, bringing to the public the most beautiful words of the language.

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