Sarah Sze and the transformation from relationship to the environment

Sarah Sze is best known for her intricate assemblages of everyday objects that blur the boundaries between painting, sculpture and architecture. For her upcoming exhibition, the artist will explore the way in which the proliferation of images – printed in magazines, gleaned from the Web, intercepted from outer space – fundamentally changes our relationship to objects, time and memory. Confusing the boundaries between inside and outside, mirage and reality, past and present, her new installation will bring together for the first time in her work the architectural, the sculptural and the filmic, altering the visitor’s perception of space and time.

Playing with the transparency of the architecture Sze casts moving images onto the glass walls of the ground floor galleries, turning the building into a magic lantern as they collide, shift in scale, disappear and reemerge. Upon entering the building, visitors are drawn to a fragile planetarium-like sculpture that seems to float in the gallery space. The spherical sculpture is composed of photographs, objects, light, sound and video projections on torn paper, all held in an orchestrated suspension by a delicate scaffolding of bamboo and metal rods.

Oct 24, 2020 - March 7, 2021

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