Romedon't missRome Hippie Festival Xmas gifts and entertainment

Rome Hippie Festival Xmas gifts and entertainment

Over 200 artists including artisans, musicians, circus performers, holistic practitioners and street performers are ready to help you relive the bizarre and colorful atmosphere of the Hippie era and celebrate the revolutionary 60s.

Total immersion in the “alternative” culture realized by the independent and autonomous world of the city, united in one big event. A festival with an international flavor but with all-Italian heart where the most creative minds, circus artists, dancers and musicians meet and merge.

A colorful market awaits you with 60 artisans, stylists and vintage collectors from all over Italy, where you can start hunting for the perfect Xmas gifts. Over 5,000 ideas! The stands will also offer natural remedies obtained from the processing of essential herbs and spices, aloe, wood, ceramics, leather work, the art of recycling and objects for furniture.

During the day you can immerse yourself in the world of flower children with live shows and acrobatics, concerts, DJ sets and spaces dedicated to therapy, massages, until the tarology, for a great event with free admission.
Opening the curtain the group of trible fusion, gypsy and oriental dancers led by Francesca ShesheBens of the tersicore arts.
Relaxation area with massages: Hawaiian, candle massage, bamboo massage, relaxation, ayurveda, cervical, foot reflexology, and sound bath with Tibetan bells.

December 16, 2018

Circolo degli Illuminati

Via Libetta 1

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