BarcelonaOfff Barcelona 2020

Offf Barcelona 2020

OFFF Barcelona’s 2020 19th edition prepared so many amazing reviews. Every single one of you came back home feeling inspired with new projects in mind and advice from the speakers for new changes and making things better.

Offf Barcelona 2020

Adam J. Kurtz speaks frankly about channeling human emotion into our creative work, delivering lectures to conferences, organizations, and universities. His latest book, Things Are What You Make of Them is a handwritten essay collection that digs into the emotional realities of creative entrepreneurship. ADAMJK® is an art and stationery brand focused on gifts that are fun, weird, sentimental, and often literal. These products have been sold everywhere from Urban Outfitters to MoMA Design Store and are available for wholesale at BuyOlympia.

Adam Lisagor a filmmaker making video for innovative companies like Square, Flipboard, Jawbone, Groupon, Genentech, Airbnb and others, who have embraced his unconventional methods of promotional storytelling. FastCompany described him as “Advertising’s Quietest Pitchman”.

Albert Exergian, an art director and graphic designer from Vienna, Austria. He believes that there are always finer points to be taken into account – and fun to be had – in storytelling as well as in graphic design.

Antfood is a creative audio studio in New York, Amsterdam and São Paulo. Through music and sound, they elevate the art and effectiveness of brand media and experience. Their diverse teams collaborate in world-class studios to craft the best work — together.

Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer from Charleston, SC, USA who does a variety of digital artwork including short films, Creative Commons VJ loops, everydays and VR / AR work.

Baugasm is a project that Vasjen Katro started in mid of 2016 where he challenged himself to design a poster every day for 1 year long.

Burn & Broad is a creative studio based in New York City. The studio takes pride in their ability to work across a wide range of design disciplines as creatives, artists, makers, dreamers and doers.

CROWD studio is a design and brand experience team. They create brands and develop strategies to help businesses connect with their customers.

Calvin Sprague is a American graphic designer & illustrator. By talk: “Do What Terrifies You” will inspire the audience to conquer their fears that could lead to their success in becoming a freelancer illustrator and graphic designer!

Charles Bergquist will be showcasing his path as a “general specialist” with a technical and creative hands on approach in different mediums as well as filmmaking environments. One of the topics he will cover is how documentary filmmaking crosses into print design, as well as commercial filmmaking work spaces.

Claudia Gödke is a food photographer based in Berlin. Her love for photography is accompanied by a personal interest and knowledge in quirky oldschool foodstyling tricks.

Echoic is a music and sound design studio from the UK. Using interesting techniques they are experimental in their approach exploring the middle ground between music and sound design itself.

Ekaterina Solomeina Creative Director at Future London Academy with is a mission to connect creative communities around the world. She also interviews the most inspiring designers, illustrators and innovators on Instagram and podcast, including David Carson, Baugasm, Cristina Daura, Pokras Lampas and others.

FOREAL creates contemporary and unique design solutions in a range of different fields such as advertising, editorial, music and fashion industries.

Fabien Barral passionate about creation and the inspiration process, he creates the Walter magazine, as well as beautiful limited edition useful objects like a letterpress calendar or playing cards which combine his love for nice print, type and ornaments.

From Form, the duo constantly explores different materials, textures, forms and processes. These experiments helps them to create immersive visual experiences that come to life on screen, on paper or in a 3D space. 

Future Deluxe is an experimental creative studio based in London and Los Angles. Their work spans a wide range of industries from fashion to technology, sports & entertainment.

GMUNK is a visionary whose creativity and innovation spans multiple platforms, and has established himself as one of the top visual and design directors in the world. GMUNK will be creating and presenting Offf Barcelona 2020 Main Titles, celebrating 20 years of OFFF.

Gavin Strange will be back on OFFF Barcelona 2020 stage with James White (Signalnoise) for the Hustlemania show version two.

Spearheading the strategic direction of HATO, Kenjiro now oversees co-design projects, events and workshops with clients such as Design Museum, Facebook, Science Museum and

Hort is graphic design studio known for its experimental and free-spirited approach. From art direction, branding, creative consultancy, editorial design, graphic design, illustration, lectures and workshops; they create unique visual systems for clients that stand apart from the traditional language of graphic design.

Inspired by nature and the landscape of Mexico, graphic designer Luisa Salas López (AKA Hola Lou) creates strikingly minimalist and abstract compositions with a bold an earthy palette.

Indi Maverick is a Mexican illustrator and graphic designer. She also has been developing and promoting her own style of tattoos with a unique and original designs.

IT’S A LIVING is not just a statement but it is also a life philosophy for Ricardo Gonzalez, a designer, and artist from Durango México. Ricardo will be coming back to OFFF Barcelona with a brand new talk showcasing the amazing work he has been doing in the past three years!

James Paterson is a Montreal-based Creative Director, Animator, and Technologist. A strong background in both animation and software development provide the insight to spot high-level creative solutions which are also technically feasible.

James White is a Canadian digital artist known for his various neon-infused art projects.

Jamhot is the studio of Scottish creative duo Craig Laverty & Graeme McGowan. Jamhot founded and produce Gab, a creative event & podcast series that brings people together to share ideas & get inspired.

Jared S Tarbell is a computer programmer interested in the intersection of graphic arts and generative design. Jared is an advocate of open source philosophies, and as such, freely distributes his work in modifiable form at both and

Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist. His practice ranges from illustration to photography, video, costume, installations, books, posters and clothing to create a coherent yet eclectic body of work.

Josh is currently Executive Creative Director for virtual and augmented reality products and hardware at Facebook. This part of the company is focused on developing and shipping groundbreaking products at the intersection of ambitious science and consumer hardware. They drive innovation in the areas of AR/VR and connectivity.

Joshua Davis is an artist, designer, and technologist who produces public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. His website,, which he used to exhibit new design work and experiments using code, was one of the first to offer open source files for download.

Lobulo, is a graphic designer, illustrator, and lone scalpel jedi based in East London. Lobulo is no stranger to the hustle of commercial, editorial, and personal work. He has built an impressive portfolio through the creation and construction of radical and vibrant paper-craft.

Lo Siento is a small studio from Barcelona that specially enjoys taking over the whole concept of the identity projects. Its main feature is an organic and physical approach to the solutions, resulting in a field where graphic and industrial design dialogue, always searching an alliance with the artisan processes.

Marshmallow Laser Feast is an experiential art collective working in the liminal space between art, technology and the natural world.

Meg Lewis is a designer making experiences for happy companies and a speaker and educator creating fulfilling lives for humans of all kinds.

Middle Boop Studios from North London where they work with ambitious and driven brands of all sizes, helping businesses grow through strong strategy and design.

Mike Hill has been working in the film and games industry for ten years as a concept artist, level designer, creative director and IP consultant. In recent years he has created concept designs for Blade Runner 2049, and Fractured Space – as well as other undisclosed projects for Tim Miller’s Blur Studios.

Loran Stosskopf is a creative director/designer at world renowned Graphic Design studio Mucho. Loran will be in conversation with French illustrator Jean Jullien, OFFF speaker, who will be joining us both on stage in 2020.

Musketon has been working solo for almost a decade. The output of his creativity over those 10 years was mostly digital work. Teamwork For Dummies is the story of 3 weird guys and 1 extremely weird guy, from Belgium who are sharing the same passion for design. Together these friends worked on projects like the annual OFFF festival live drawing wall, Huawei, AXE and produced the video clip for The Chainsmokers.

Nando Costa has spent much of the last 20 years in the field of motion graphics. From creative director at HoloLens, bringing holographic computing to reality, all the way to evolving productivity tools that are used daily by millions, he will share how motion graphics has been a pivotal tool for shaping perspective internally and telling powerful stories externally.

Nathan Bell is a visual artist and designer known for cleverly crafting words and drawings as a way to convey emotions and statements with a gestural feel.

Neil Mendoza’s work combines sculpture, electronics and software to bring inanimate objects and spaces to life. 

Olga Midlenko has worked on creative for the title sequence for the video game Resident Evil 2 (2019) and the broadcast graphics package and branding for the 2017 Oscars ceremony.

Omelet is a Los Angeles-based ad agency that offers branding, marketing and advertising services. Omelet has created some memorable work, their greatest capability is that their process is never static, their mindset entrepreneurial, and the outcome always unique to the brand.

STATE is an art studio; a secret agency; a place to be. They create moving images that move people, for fun or for serious where they believe that every creation is one-of-a-kind.

Sam Rolfes is an improvisational 3D animator and VR/motion capture performer/director within game engines who explores experimental leftist meme propaganda, the role of surrealism in subversively disseminating progressive ideas, and exploration of psychosexual figure studies and world building via fragmented, painterly 3D sculpture and design.

Serial Cut works alongside an ever-growing team of professionals, who specialize in different areas such as photography, design, motion-graphics and 3D design. Image and type are a great combination that they like to use on all the projects they work on. Typography plays an important role in the end product.

SHOTOPOP is a devout team of visual zealots who pride ourselves on conjuring the new, the unimagined and the fantastical.

Studio Dumbar attracts talented individuals from around the world.
The portfolio is equally diverse, encompassing work for a variety of clients both large and small – from business and government to cultural and non-profit.

Tendril is a design-driven animation, vfx, and digital innovation studio, creating beautiful and thoughtful visuals across all mediums. They believe that smart, beautiful stories should inspire new ways of looking at the world.

Tessa Forrest is a graphic designer. She discusses the mental health journey and life circumstances that brought her to start her Instagram, as well as how it continues to influence her life and career as a creative living in NYC. 

Tommy Perez is a multidisciplinary maker based out of Southern California. Tommy crafts compositions with paper, produce and props. He’s a self described ‘designer, doodler & frequent paper krafter’ who works with unusual materials in the making of his diverse portfolio of work.

Twenty Third C are the originators of the extraordinary. A collection of designers, makers, builders and imaginary thinkers. They combine to form a multi faceted design studio, mixing traditional techniques and the latest technology with explosive synergy. They think, craft, create and bring the digital into the physical.

Vallée Duhamel is a studio founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel. It specializes in high quality lo-fi video, visuals, and installations, favouring a playful and experimental approach toward work.

April 23-25, 2020

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