ParisartMetamorphosis. Art in Europe Now in Fondation Cartier

Metamorphosis. Art in Europe Now in Fondation Cartier

Metamorphosis. Art in Europe Now at Fondation Cartier Paris presents the diversity of voices and vitality of exchanges animating the vast European artistic scene. The exhibition includes 21 artists who hail from 16 countries and work in painting, sculpture, fashion, design, and video. Representing the first of a series of exhibitions on emerging art scenes organized by the Fondation Cartier, Metamorphosis celebrates a new generation of artists who embody the spirit of today’s and tomorrow’s Europe.

Art in Europe. Works by

Gabriel Abrantes, 

Magnus Andersen, 

Evgeny Antufiev, 

Charlie Billingham, 

Kasper Bosmans, 


Benjamin Graindorge, 

Miryam Haddad, 

Klára Hosnedlová, 

Nika Kutateladze, 

Piotr Łakomy, 

Lap-See Lam, 

Kostas Lambridis, 

Kris Lemsalu, 

George Rouy, 

John Skoog, 

Tenant of Culture,

Alexandros Vasmoulakis, 

Marion Verboom, 

Jonathan Vinel,

Raphaela Vogel

until June 16, 2019

Fondation Cartier Paris

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