BerlinMaerz Musik. Festival for Time Issues 2022

Maerz Musik. Festival for Time Issues 2022

Maerz Musik – Festival for Time Issues sees itself as a venue for experiencing art and thinking about how we deal with time. Contemporary music is its centre and point of departure for an exploration of the nature of time in life, art and theory.

A Festival for Time Issues – that is a place devoted to our most valuable resource: time. Time, understood as a dimension of experience equally accessible to each and every one. A phenomenon that resists reduction and definition. Time as a medium of music and the arts that transcends chronological and efficiency-oriented regimes.

Time as an political category that determines the ways in which we live, work and produce – a concept und invention in service of ideological and economic interests; an instrument of power setting the beat and dictating the rhythm; a dimension of the imaginary that influences our vision of futurity and hence our freedom of action. Time as a notion of agency for contemporaries, individuals and societies.

March 18-27, 2022

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