ParisartLee Bul at T. Ropac

Lee Bul at T. Ropac

On display at Paris Marais, T.Ropac gallery is the Korean artist Lee Bul, her most recent series of paintings: the sensuous mother of pearl and acrylic Perdu works, and the fantastical Velvet collages.

Lee Bul explores the notion of utopia in her work. The biomorphic figures in the Perdu series, like the crystalline architectures of the Velvet collages, seem suspended somewhere between the far-away past and the not-so-distant future. As the artist explains: ‘For me, utopia in its paradoxical essence is a nostalgic, even elegiac, idea.’

Lee Bul

Lee Bul was born in 1964 of left-wing dissident parents under South Korea’s military dictatorship. She draws on her childhood experiences, as well as European and South Korean culture, to create works that resonate across history, warning of the dangers that come with trying to build a perfect society.

Every conception of utopia, historically, harbours the contradictory seeds of its own disintegration. It speaks of its own impossibility.

Lee Bul

until February 26, 2022

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