Kiliwatch Paris presents Overlord, a new lease of life into clothing

OVERLORD is woven into history – a patchwork of experiences, memories and authenticity. With a strong passion for vintage, military clothing and workwear, this upcoming French brand reinterprets the spirit of streetwear with the most unique expression: street heritage.

By upcycling, OVERLORD breathes a new lease of life into clothing items. Pre-owned and sometimes worn out, they hold within their fibers the stories of soldiers, factory workers, farmers, carpenters, ice-cream men… A series of legacies commemorated thanks to the talented tailors who (re)build the brand’s collections. A piece at a time, fabric by fabric, a patina after another, OVERLORD speaks to those who dream of a more style and a world without fast fashion.

64 rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris

April 2-15, 2019

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