Hand in Hand. Deep passion for design

HAND IN HAND was founded in 2021 by Cloudy Zakrocki with her innate mission to change the interior industry to a more sustainable and ethical process and with her deep passion for design and colors.

HAND IN HAND is truly handmade product, traditional craftsmanship and modern design made by artisans individually. All produced on demand only.

The brand name is a perfect reflection of our mission: We are all about collaboration, craftsmanship and support. As we only sell products that are made by hand and not by machines, each product goes through several hands before we hand the product off to you.

HAND IN HAND is based in Berlin, the artisans are located all over the world though. Hand in Hand finds the best artisans for each product and supports local artisans in areas where this craft is a tradition.

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iconic galleries / alternative art spaces / extraordinary collection of art / hidden museum and architecture sites

local designers / local craft / less waste

local fashion designers / vintage treasures / and not to be missed places