BarcelonaGrec 2020 local festival, a links between Barcelona and Latin America

Grec 2020 local festival, a links between Barcelona and Latin America

The Grec 2020 is a local, spiritual festival, committed to its artists, full of magic and taking a subtle look at the links between Barcelona and Latin America. As human beings, we need to believe in something beyond ourselves; in an idea, whether it be religious, political, aesthetic, magical or collective.

This idea helps to change the attitudes to life and death, to overcome our fears and develop a spiritual world beyond the problems of our everyday lives. The commitment to these ideals defines us as individuals and as a group.

A local Grec is full of little treats that you have to discover and performances that will surprise you with their new, interactive formats. In the Teatre Grec, there will be lots of music, but there will also be special productions created for this special venue, with unique collaborations between artists from a variety of disciplines.

This year, there will be dance in museums and the circus, and it will reach new heights with productions from local companies that we invite you to discover. Grec 2020 puts together a very varied theatre programme, a genre where the closure of theatres has led to unexpected venues: the radio, smartphones, the internet, television and the streets and squares we all stroll through. Grec 2020 is giving more support than ever to talent from here and from abroad, putting on nearly fifty co-productions and rescheduling concerts and shows that were postponed over the last few months.

Everyone has continued to work, even during the lockdown, but this July, some productions will be presented in formats that were not originally intended. For this reason, Grec 2020 has divided the programme into three sections: Grec Festival, De Grec a Grec, and Grec en obert. This is a popular festival, and this year the difference is that tickets have a standard price that is lower than usual.

This is a very personal Grec 2020 that reflects the passion for local talents. This is a festival where are presented artists and projects that should be seen now, which aim to have a broader perspective and transmit energy, optimism and respect for the culture that helps us and transforms us.

June 30 - July 4, 2020

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