good to talk

good to talk about art | Sep 28, 2019

Good To Talk is talking about art, in a continuous sequence of different expressive possibilities and formats – in the form of lectures, panel discussions, monologues, debates, spoken or sung, informative or performative.

Good To Talk offers galleries, project spaces and art actors a platform for communicating art outside established structures such as exhibition spaces and exhibition stands. Cross-art approach, interdisciplinary collaborations, surprising interventions – Good To Talk extends the perception of art.

The program focuses on the question of the future of art education.
Answers to this question can be found not only in the art world itself, but also in science, technology and business; a look at social change reveals what role art will play in the future. In Good To Talk 2019, art is to point beyond itself; the interdisciplinary approach becomes the leitmotif.


Berghain Kantine
Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin
Admission fee 7 Euros

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