Festival Cara B | Barcelona Feb 15-16, 2019

An independent and urban music culture festival. The main showcase of musical trends and the freshest alternative sounds of the moment. Through the live performances of an exquisite selection of musical proposals that currently ignite the independent scenes, the Festival Cara•B reaches its 5th edition consolidated as an integral project with a 360º vision that approaches the artistic creation linked to music from all its angles, with a program that throughout its five years of trajectory has included, in addition to concerts, screenings, video-clips festival, exhibitions and gastronomy.


Novedades Carminha – https://youtu.be/mn3Cz4NzOK4

Pimp Flaco & Kinder Malo – https://youtu.be/Yid881W2lpI

Soleá Morente & Napoleón Solo – https://youtu.be/eFJYDEFuOHU

Sticky M.A. – https://youtu.be/wSTQ5g49ikA

La Zowi – https://youtu.be/jMGjY6mBMfI

La Plata – https://youtu.be/BTruEEx-jmM

Pedro Ladroga – https://youtu.be/qgD8DtH66Bk

PutochinoMaricón – https://youtu.be/tEZgYFdseUU

Festival Cara B
February 15-16, 2019
Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats-Art Factory
Carrer de Sant Adria, 20
08030 Barcelona