BarcelonaDGTL Barcelona. Festival of art and music.

DGTL Barcelona. Festival of art and music.

DGTL Barcelona is a festival experience full of discovery, inspiration and surprise. Through music, art and the latest technological innovations you are going through an unforgettable festival experience. DGTL is making a sustainable impact on the global festival landscape. Always mindful of the environmental and social impact.

Cultural and artistic projects play an important role in DGTL’s identity. DGTL curates a wide variety of conceptual art performances and installations to engage the visitors. They work with local artists as much as possible. From industrial to modular to recycled, the art at DGTL Barcelona is an integral part of the overall concept: an unparalleled festival experience from which people can derive something extra. A feeling, a revelation, an idea, an inspiration. 

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August 23-24, 2019

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