Hardly any company embodies the aesthetic language of the German post-war period more distinctly than Braun.

Whether razors, hi-fi systems, watches or kitchen appliances, Braun devices are all linked together by a formal language which, combined with their ease of use, sets a precedent for functionalist design to this day.

A number of significant designers such as Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams worked for Braun. 100 years after the company´s foundation, the exhibition at the Bröhan Museum shows the finest examples of Braun design.

The development of functionalist device design – which also made a lasting effect on other companies such as Bang and Olufsen and Apple – will be a thematic focus of the exhibition, just as the intertwining of design, art and politics in the company´s 100-year-long history.

until August 29, 2021

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