BarcelonaBiennial of Thought Barcelona

Biennial of Thought Barcelona

The challenges of the future. Biennial of Thought Barcelona

The digital revolution, the climate emergency, gender and social inequalities … The 21st century poses challenges that require global solutions. The Biennial of Thought Barcelona invites you to debate and think, and to talk about democracy, technology and the city. To imagine the future.

Let’s rethink our city

Sustainability, ecology, mobility, security, health, inclusion: Do cities have a future or do we need to create cities for the future?

Democracy in the time of crisis

Is democracy in crisis or is it the solution to social inequality? How do we protect democratic guarantees?

Technological metamorphosis

Technological advances and new digital dimensions. Have we revolutionised technology or has technology revolutionised us?

The challenges of the future

Do we live in an era of change or a change of era? Planning concrete, sustainable futures that respond to present concerns.

Only in Barcelona.

Oct 13-18, 2020

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