Beethoven Laboratory 2020. Akademie der Künste

In many key moments of his music, Beethoven steps outside of reality and, perhaps precisely because of this, creates pure auditory sensation. In this sense, his music is crazy, it moves things away from where they are usually found.

Since 2017, the Beethoven Laboratory 2020, initiated by the Akademie der Künste, has offered a team of young composers from Tel Aviv, Basel and Thessaloniki an open forum to develop their own visions beyond the established canon. For three years, the participants have been meeting with experienced mentors, breaking new ground, questioning conventions and examining radical breaks in music and art. Over the course of these three years, they have introduced the interim and final results of their work to the public with concerts and presentations. Halfway to the final Festival 2020, the Beethoven Laboratory now presents sound installations and new works that they have developed together in Berlin, and invites the public to share the experience of this research process with them.

labor beethoven 2020

February 24, 2019

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