FashionAnka Krystniak a designer of unique jewelry

Anka Krystniak a designer of unique jewelry

A graduate of the faculty of clothing and jewelry design at the Higher School of Art and Design in Lodz. Since childhood fascinated with art, architecture and design. Born and living in Warsaw, today she is a designer of unique jewelry.

In her projects, Anka often uses Polish symbols, such as mermaids and eagles. She also draws on the Baroque, Indian plumes and amulets, layering and mixing multiple themes.

She finds inspiration in various religions, including Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, but ethnic groups are also in her are of interest. She often uses gemstones, believing in their power. A true lover of numerology and symbolism which have a significant impact on her work.

In 2018, Anka Krystyniak’s original brand was named “Brand of the Year” at the annual ELLE Style Awards.

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