Parisart30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid by JR-art

30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid by JR-art

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid Paris, JR-art created a collaborative piece of art on the scale of the Napoleon Court. Three years after having made the Pyramid disappear, the artist brought a new light to the famed monument by realizing a gigantic collage, thanks to the help of 400 volunteers!

Each day hundreds of volunteers came to help cut and paste the 2000 strips of paper, making it the biggest pasting ever done by the artist.

Louvre Pyramid

The images, like life, are ephemeral. Once pasted, the art piece lives on its own. The sun dries the light glue and with every step, people tear pieces of the fragile paper. The process is all about participation of volunteers, visitors, and souvenir catchers. This project is also about presence and absence, about reality and memories, about impermanence.

source/ JR-art

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